Glow in the Dark Paint and UV Powder

Manufacturer for a wide range of Photo Luminous Glow in the Dark Products
and Ultraviolet (UV) Light sensitive products .

Glow in the Dark

Difference between Glow in the Dark and Ultra Violet (UV) Black Light Sensitive Products .

Ultraviolet Light Reactive - UV Powder

  • Glow in the dark powder is the raw material used to manufacture all glow in the dark products like glow in the Dark paint , stickers, etc..
  • This works by absorbing surrounding light and giving out light in the dark.
  • Initial brightness is high. This fades off as long as it is in the dark. Expose it to light again and it starts glowing in the dark again.
  • Glow in the dark products work with any light source, but re-charge faster when using those with UV rays in them, like sunlight and black light.

glow in the dark

  • Ultra Violet Light reactive products react to UV lights by changing colors, when exposed to UV Black Light.
  • Brightness of the effects depend on the power of the UV Black lights used.
  • These products can only work with a UV light (sometimes referred to as black light) . It does not work with sunlight even though the later gives out UV rays.
  • Pure UV Powder appears white under normal light. Changes color when exposed to UV lights.

ultraviolet light reactive

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